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Cinematographer / Editor for all films & Various Directing credits

2021: Remembering the North Barrule Air Crash, 23 April 1945

2018: Manannan’s Tribute: A Midsummer tradition in the Isle of Man

2019: Aigh Vie: The story of a Manx nobby

2020: The Lord’s Forester: A Manx tradition for Oie’ll Columb Killey

2020: Cleigh yn Arragh: An unexplained archaeological site

2019: Manx Style Ploughing: A short introduction

2019: Chibbyr Vreeshey: St. Bridget’s Well at The Nunnery

2019: Burning the Buitch

2018: Oie’ll Vreeshey: A story from Baldwin, Isle of Man